Monday, October 26, 2015

ClubFR Drift Day 56 USAir Shawano, WI 10.24.15

DD56 marked another successful year at USAir. Weather, as usual for Wisconsin this time of year, was nippy and depressing. I'm just forewarning you here, these pictures aren't supposed to be amazing. they're just pics I was snapping throughout the day at random times while watching my girlfriend take the REAL pictures. We did find a couple cool spots on the track that we'd like to exploit in the future, but with rain and the track being extra slippery, we weren't going to risk going there.

Sometimes tow rigs are cooler than the cars...

We ducked into the tech building to hide from a downpour and to dry off the gear and our feet. I had to run to Walmart to grab some socks and cheap boots to deal with the soggy, muddy grass.


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