Friday, October 30, 2015

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

DailyDiesel Maintenance Day, Winter Prep, 253K mile anniversary?

So, it's going to be nearly an exact year that I've owned this 97 E300 hooptiediesel. Spent a couple grand getting her back in shape and it's seeming more and more likely that this will be the car that I want to take to 500k miles. It's in nice shape overall, so might as well keep it in nice shape.

I bought it with about 238k miles and in god awful shape - idiot was running kerosene, veggie and whatever else he could throw in it.

Anyway, injectors.

I've been driving around on unknown injectors for the year. I did manage to squeeze 38mpg out of this thing when I took it on a trip down to Florida earlier in the year and it seems like it's been on a steady decline since then. So, bought a new set of Monark 314's.

Had a spare set of injectors around so I put them on those - got Monark heat shields with them as well.

Before doing anything, I ran a can of diesel purge through the engine. I'm a fan of this stuff, you'll see why in a second.

This is how I run it on the OM606 - on earlier motors, it's easier as the lines are long enough to just dip into a gatorade bottle or the can itself. A clear can works nicely as you'll be able to see how far down you've run the purge.

I stopped about this far down, the purge is a nice gold color just like diesel. Just goes to show how much crud this stuff truly runs out of your injection system. I'll be running another car in the Spring - I also plan on making this a twice a year ordeal. With today's BioFuels, who knows what kind of garbage you're truly pumping through your car.

A new prefilter on the left and a filter with 15k miles on it and a year under it's belt. Doesn't take long for the plastics to start browning!

You can see the small black particulates the prefilter caught. I make filter changes a yearly thing - regardless of mileage.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Currently Available Mercedes OM606 Injector Adjustment Shims 10.27.15

Below is a list of currently available injector shim sizes for OM606 injectors ONLY.

003 017 1552 - 1.84mm
003 017 1152 - 1.76mm
003 017 0752 - 1.68mm
003 017 0532 - 1.64mm
002 017 9952 - 1.52mm
002 017 9752 - 1.48mm
002 017 9352 - 1.40mm
002 017 9152 - 1.36mm
002 017 8952 - 1.32mm
002 017 8752 - 1.28mm
002 017 8352 - 1.20mm
002 017 7752 - 1.08mm

If you want to take these sizes and go by pressure changes we can get close this way

x 0.13mm - 10 psi
x 0.16mm - 15 psi
x 0.21mm - 20 psi

Rough and dirty breakdown. List price on each shim is $2.40 as of 10.27.15 - can get pretty expensive with shims if you're guessing.

Monday, October 26, 2015

ClubFR Drift Day 56 USAir Shawano, WI 10.24.15

DD56 marked another successful year at USAir. Weather, as usual for Wisconsin this time of year, was nippy and depressing. I'm just forewarning you here, these pictures aren't supposed to be amazing. they're just pics I was snapping throughout the day at random times while watching my girlfriend take the REAL pictures. We did find a couple cool spots on the track that we'd like to exploit in the future, but with rain and the track being extra slippery, we weren't going to risk going there.

Sometimes tow rigs are cooler than the cars...

We ducked into the tech building to hide from a downpour and to dry off the gear and our feet. I had to run to Walmart to grab some socks and cheap boots to deal with the soggy, muddy grass.