Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rat Rod Tuesday: Dirt Cheap Kustoms

Rat rods hold a special place in my heart. They're as pure of a put together machine as one can get. Often times they're built out of the best parts some guy can cobble together in his garage to make the most intensely obnoxious car he could come up with. Too many people try to emulate a "rat" rod and end up just taking perfectly good cars and ruining them. What they get wrong is that it's not just a look that makes a rat special, it's a bond between the builder and the car. The better the bond, the more insane the car usually becomes. That's not to say rat's aren't good cars overall though. Some of these rats can outrun some of the sportier and far more expensive cars on the road anyway.

There are so many little cues to a rat that make them incredible to look at and drive. One of the cues, is pure and unadulterated power. So this guy stuck this bad boy in his. The paint less stitch welds of the firewall give a nice contrast to the otherwise black bay. 

Some guys have suspension set ups, this guy has a massive chain welded in place to utilize for front mounting points. Such an awesome cue that would otherwise go unnoticed because it's somewhat hard to see behind the headlights. 

Acid stained interior panels.

A modern touch of reliability in instrumentation.

Can't have a rat without something to set it apart. This emblem suits this rat perfectly.