Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Busy As Busy Does

I've been relatively blog silent the past few weeks as I've been running around the Midwest with no time or anything interesting to post....mostly.

The brown W140 ended up getting parted out and will be scrapped today , hopefully. Everything I deem useful and profitable has been pulled and the scraps left to be crushed, burned, mutilated, destroyed, whatever. I pulled the rod bender 3.5 OM603 out to totally disassemble. The block looks like it may be salvageable, so I'll be bringing it over to my machinist to get hot tanked, cleaned and get the cylinder bores measured/honed. The head, etc will be sold off....unless I find something worthy enough to put parts on. Another one bites the dust as far as I'm concerned.

Final Bout 2 took place in Shawano, WI at USAir - another huge success with drift teams coming from all across North America. Might as well call it Shawano, Japan as it sure felt like I was teleported overseas with all the style and flow around.

I had a Musky Tournament on the Chippewa Flowage the weekend after Final Bout. My old man caught a nice 35" `ski a day before the tourney, but we both came up dry during tourney days. I had a few monster fish following my lures to the boat, nothing enticing enough for them. The Big Chip is a pain in the ass to fish. I'm sure I knocked out at least 10k casts.

That's not all, Wednesday the 23rd I'm hopping on a plane to Seattle to pick up a 500SL 6.0 AMG car for a friend. I have a few places to visit, so I'll consider it the ultimate in road tests for a newly purchased car. Considering it's a 6.0 AMG, I'll be funding and oil sheikh's new gold plated Mercedes purchases for the next 10 years. I'll be posting an entire series, day by day of what's happening with the car. Might as well, right? If it breaks down at least you can laugh at me.

In the mean time, here are some pictures of the engine/trans pull I did on the brown W140. I had a fever with some intense coughing while doing this. I needed to get the car out of the way for other projects (Pagoda, brothers 350SD injection pump reseal, E300 dailydiesel's new mounts/guibos, etc). 


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