Wednesday, September 23, 2015

AMG Silberpfeil - A road test for the ages

When one goes to check out a car, it's usually something that's around the block that the neighborhood crackhead is trying to pawn off to buy his next hit. In my case, I was shipped out 2000 miles to Seattle (from Chicago) to take a look and drive back a very special car.

Had an isle seat, but managed to sneak a quick shot of the mountainous area I was flying over.

Landed and got off the plane at 10 pacific and hopped on the light link train to the last stop on it's route, Westlake. A 5 block walk down the street and I ran across the Pike's market. I shot a text message to the former Silberpfeil caretaker, John, that I was in the area and ready to head to his location.

Wasn't hard to find him. lol

After about an hour and half worth of putzing around Pikes market and grabbing a greasy bite to eat, we parted ways. I stuck around for another couple hours to explore the area a bit. Checked out the first Starbucks location and some other notables. At the end of it all, I enjoy nature more than cities, so I went back to the car and tried getting the F out.

Battery went flat on me. I'm guessing I left something on, old battery, or something's draining. After peddling for 15 minutes to get a jump, I got one and went on my way. I took everything out of the car and will be leaving it open overnight to see if maybe the alarm has something to do with it. We'll see if I'll need another jump.

The most odd part of the whole thing is keeping up on my metric. I kept looking down and finding myself going "140" and quickly panic stopping.

Was on the road for about 4 hours or so. I ended up in a place called Lake Moses, WA. Go figure I'd end up in some sort of biblical related town while driving a demon of a car. Open road and changing landscapes made for a pretty interesting run.

First fuel stop in some random"ville" town off of I90 E. She took $30 and took about 12 gallons. I'm not sure how big the fuel tank is in this thing, but I don't plan on taking it under 1/4 at any point in the trip. She's thirsty - did about 125km (75 miles)  to the 3/4 - full area. My diesel gets about 250 in the same range, so this is going to be a fun trip.

Here she is in the golden hour of photography. Parked up at a hotel while I get everything situated for my next run tomorrow.

I know this is a convertible and all, but I'd literally keep the top on forever just to have this sticker constantly visible.

After getting situated at the hotel, I went out on the town and found a Walmart. Picked up some road essentials, a small socket set, gallon of water, quart of oil, wire brush, and snacks. I have to find an auto parts store and pick up a spark plug socket so I can clean, check, and gap the spark plugs quickly. Car should get a tune up once all said and done, but M119's devour plugs. I'd rather have them checked out and good then run on some plugs I don't know. 


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