Wednesday, September 30, 2015

AMG Silberpfeil - A road test for the ages Day 4

DAY 4: 9/26/15

After this series of pictures, I won't have any more as middle west states are pathetically boring along 90. No AMG pictures on this stretch either - I hardly stopped and didn't care enough to take pics of the car lol.

This day started early at the hotel in Gardiner, MT - I was making it a point to go down the Tetons and from there take some sketchy backroads to the Big Horns. Off the big horns I'd be staying in a hotel in Sheridan, WY then ultimately trying to make a run to Sioux Falls, SD for a night, then to Chicago the following morning. I covered nearly 3000 miles in the 5 day stretch - while making multiple (about 25) stops for fuel. The AMG is a thirsty SOB.

I'm skipping ahead a few pictures - with this sign being a welcome victory.

I wish I could clean the windshield, or I wish I made the attempt at letting my camera dangle outside the car for a bit to take this pic. It doesn't do it the justice it deserves for the colors. Nice breeze throwing the yellow leaves off the trees - it was like I took a scene out of a car commercial..only I was driving it.

My first sighting of the Tetons off the main road.

I stopped at some sort of scenic spot and I walked down to the water and was checking everything out. It's definitely been a dry year, water levels were SUPER low everywhere.

Had the road all to myself! I felt like I was going to drive straight into the mountain.

Leaving Teton park, I think I went through Shoshone National Forest.

This is some sort of Indian reservation. I was driving along the Wind River (I think). I didn't have a map on me, nor were there any signs saying what the river was that I was following. It was crystal clear though, I really wish I had a fishing pole......

This damn antelope, deer wanna-be bastard sprinted down a hill, JUST to jump out in front of me going 80mph. Thankfully AMG has some fairly decent brakes and this is how far I ended up stopping from the prick. Close call.

Long twisty road into the Bighorns.

This scared me a for a quick second. I wasn't paying attention and it looked like I was driving into the mountain.

Inside the belly of the Bighorns. Tons of ram I was spotting on the cliff sides.

This is the last picture I took on the trip to share. About a mile from this spot the AMG cut out on me and left me dead in the water. Luckily at that point I was going downhill and managed to coast to one of the scenic outlook pullouts. I let the car cool off for a half hour before I tried doing anything to it. For some reason I ended up opening the fuel filler cap and had at least a gallon of fuel shoot out at me. That fuel tank was so pressurized, I'm surprised no fuel was leaking.

After venting off all pressure and letting the car cool sufficiently, I gave her a spin. Damn thing fired up and ran perfectly down to my hotel in Sheridan, WY. Quite the scare, considering by the time all said and done, it was pitch black outside - the only tools I had were a small set of sockets and a ratchet I got from Walmart for $10 and a wire brush.

If you asked me if I'd do it again?


With the top off.

it won't be continued.....definitely.


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