Tuesday, September 29, 2015

AMG Silberpfeil - A road test for the ages Day 3

DAY 3: 9/25/15
Left my hotel somewhere around Idaho or Montana the next day - I booked it last second on the drive back from Glacier and just found whatever was 4 hours away, which was Butte, Montana. The closer I could get to I-90 from Glacier, the better for my run down to Yellowstone. From Butte, it would be like a 2 hour drive to Yellowstone.

While I was filling up in Butte, I saw this thing. Not only did I see just one, there were dozens of them. I have no idea what they were, but they were damn cool. Has anyone tried the smokehouse brisket sandwich from Arby's? From butte I shot over to Livingston, MT and from there I'd be heading down to the Northwest entrance of Yellowstone. Exciting.

I'd be staying in Gardiner, MT that night, which is just outside of Yellowstone. Literally the most expensive hotel stay ever, but worth it, considering I could bum around in Yellowstone all day and head back to my hotel right on the outskirts.

The entire road snaked along the Yellowstone River, which made for some interesting scenery with the ranches and valleys carving through.

Naturally I had to stop for AMG picture time - a car outside of it's natural habitat. Usually they're enclosed in garages, never to be driven....

I finally got into Gardiner and checked into the hotel. This was my view.

Okay, worth it.

About 10 minutes into the drive from the entrance, you get into the Mammoth springs. They really were a huge structure. One of the spring towers that's been dead or dormant for a while had an elk just hanging out in the shade. Most people didn't even notice he was there until they figured out what I was trying to get a picture of from my ever so slight trespass....

From Mammoth I shot down to the Old Faithful area. When I got there, the faithful just so happen to blow up. So I took the opportunity to grab an ice cream cone and walk around the entire grounds to look at all the other springs that were there.

When I was done with putzing around the grounds, the damn thing went up again! Saw it pop up twice, I'll call that a good day.

From there I decided to take a ring road around and headed towards the West Thumb of Yellowstone Lake. I'd be making my way back to the hotel at this point. When I got to the thumb, I stopped to let YE OLDE AMG cool down as it was running a bit cranky.

While YE OLDE AMG was cooling down, I cooled down myself. I piled up a few rocks at the shoreline to sit on and just hung out by the lake. I ended up wading knee deep into the thing...water is ice cold by the way - usually the lake is much higher but with the drought and overall dry conditions, it's down a few feet.

Road back to the hotel.

Stumbled upon these hairy f**kers.

One of the calfs got too close to the AMG and I had to rev it to scare it off a bit. The nature folks didn't like that too much and were giving me looks like they were about to murder me.

To the bald guy with a soul patch, if you're reading this - the bison is 15 feet away from you. Under no circumstances is it necessary to have a 200-400mm lens on your camera. Screw off.

It was getting dark quick, so I made a quick jaunt back to the main road.

Before ending the night, I had to get another AMG shot in. It's not the best road trip car, but it's cool.

to be continued.....probably.


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