Saturday, August 29, 2015

W210: AMG / Sport Side Skirt Installation Hardware Facelift to Pre-Facelift

This is going to be a very picture-less post, more descriptive on the installation of facelift sport/amg side skirts on pre facelift W210's.

Having installed facelift side skirts on my pre facelift W210 diesel, I compiled a list of hardware you'll need for the installation. It's a simple process, but you can not use all of the facelift hardware to install the sideskirts on prefacelift cars. In my case, my 97 E300 didn't come with any skirts installed from factory. That's not to say there aren't any under body pieces to help with aerodynamics on the skirt less cars. In fact, the parts that are underneath the car can be used as a template to drill into the facelift skirts to mount them using existing holes. Facelift skirts come with 6-7 large plastic clips that keep the bottom of the skirts taught, these are completely useless on pre facelift cars (at least those that hadn't come with skirts from factory).

Here's the list of stuff that I used, or should be used to mount the new skirts and part numbers for the jack hole covers for the facelift AMG/Sport skirts:

Jack Covers:
- Front Right: 210 698 0077
- Front Left: 210 698 0177
- Rear Left: 210 698 0277
- Rear Right: 210 698 0377

- Top Trim Clips: 210 997 0033 (EPC says 18 needed, I used 10)
- Clip to covering: 010 988 7278 (2 needed) these are for the rear of the skirt to attach to the body just before the wheel well
- Cover to front fender (these hide the fender bolts) : Front right: 210 698 7230  Front Left: 210 698 7130

Beyond this parts list, everything else is fairly self explanatory. Remove all the old stuff (should be held on with a bunch of 7mm fasteners), drill some holes on the underside of the new stuff, and fit everything in place.

I prefer facelift skirts to the pre facelift stuff. They're a bit more "pronounced". If anyone has any questions about this list or how to install, leave a comment!


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