Monday, August 3, 2015

W140: 1992 300SD Some Progress

Haven't done much to the car today other than drive it around a bit and I got the antenna working. Opened the antenna case up and it the white gears were just stuck. Rocked them a bit and broke them free and fed the antenna full extended by hand. Wiped down the mast with WD40 and liberally applied white lithium grease on the gears and nylon mast line and all is well.

Took her on the highway - paint dries faster than this get's up to 60. Cruises happily and very smoothly at 70 though.

Scanned the car with the HHT and got the following from various systems:

- 005 Vacuum Transducer, fault in exh. gas control loop

- 003 RPM Sensor RF L6/2

- 005 VSS Sensor RF L6/2      - // -      Open Circuit

- 002 LR Door Actuator S47   - // -      Open Circuit

- 038 Sliding/Pop up roof S13/2, M12, N57

- 005 Orthopedic Backrest Air Demand Too High

The only thing engine related is that vacuum transducer, so I'm wondering if that has anything to do with the car being sloth-like and running somewhat with what I feel is a miss. ABS/ASD lights have been on since I got the thing so I'm not surprised a wheel sensor is dead. I'm happy it's just a sensor and not an ABS or ASD pump - I think I've got one in the garage somewhere, if not I'll get one from a junkyard car.

So while that's up in the air, I had the engine running and ran some activations via the HHT. Everything worked perfectly. ELR raised and lowered idle flawlessly and the EGR was working correctly too.

Everything seems normal, so I'm not sure why this car is so slow. It may not be building boost, timing may be off, etc etc

I'm going to have to get some compression numbers on all the cylinders soon. Just waiting for a relatively cool day to remove the intake so I can remove the glow plugs easier for the test.


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