Thursday, July 16, 2015

Waterfall Hunts, July 13 2015, Part 2 of 2 Phone Pics

It's a bit out of order, this was the FIRST falls that we went out to. We were on our way to a small falls in the Ottawa National Park when I saw a sign for a scenic stop and decided to stop. 

Quick snap of the huge hill we had to climb (almost slid) down to get up close and personal.

Couple hours later, a couple falls later, and we came to this place. Downpours were happening sporadically and it gave the adventure a whole different feeling. 

At the end of this river, where it disperses into the great Lake Superior, we came across a very wobbly bridge. If our footsteps were in unison, the whole bridge would bounce up and down a solid 6" - crazy feeling for sure! 

On our way back we needed to find somewhere to go for dinner. We made it through a couple towns, only to stumble upon a bunch of Corvettes and Mustangs that had a meet at a small local restaurant. Since it looked busy we stopped in - The Liberty Bell Chalet. 
Some of the best food in the Northwoods - you absolutely won't be disappointed. If you ever find yourself in the Hurley, WI area. 


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