Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Waterfall Hunts, July 13 2015, Part 1 of 2 Fancy Pics

Had an extended weekend up at the house and decided to take a day and go cross out some waterfalls on the "go see them" list. Just a tiny set of pictures here as it started storming and I didn't want to ruin the camera. Which worked for me as instead of trying to get some cool pictures, I was just awestruck by the different types of falls along one river system.

I've got a bunch more pics on my phone - I'll post them up in a second part.

This small stream was coming out of the side of a cliff and feeding into the main river. There were hundreds of these types of streams in the area that did the same. 

This isn't the first falls we saw, but was the first that I decided to whip out the camera for. 

This entire river system feeds into Lake Superior

Some exposed tree roots on the trail. Luckily they serve as great footholds when scaling down the hills to get to the river. 

A bit sketched out by this bride as it was a bit thin and the boards were bending under my weight. 
Note to self: LOSE WEIGHT.

The rain definitely made this shot - choose wisely. One leads to the next falls, the other leads to like 1000 stairs. 

We shot down the trail a bit to get a further view of the this particular falls. It was super cool, but it was impossible to get to for up close and personal 


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