Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Old Orchard Monday Night Car Show July 6, 2015

Paid a visit to the Monday Night Car Shows event at the Old Orchard Mall. They're held every Monday evening from Memorial Day through Labor Day. 

Can check out the show here: http://www.mondaynightcarshows.com/

The remaining schedule is: 
July 13th: Convertible Night
July 20th: Ladies' Night
July 27th: British / Foreign Night
August 3rd: 60's Night
August 10th: Hot Rod / Custom Night
August 17th: Ford / Lincoln / Mercury Night
August 24th: 50’s Night
August 31st: Buick / Olds / Pontiac Night

It's definitely worth the trip out if you're relative close to the area. 

Of all cars to show up, is this family owned (technically 1 owner), 1970 280SE. No paintwork, no interior work, 100% factory original, garage kept beauty of German steel. One of my very own dream cars here (except in red/black or white/blue).

This car just has all the right lines. Kudos to the new owner (daughter of the original) for keeping up with this old girl. She says she drives it all year round if she can. 

All original, real, burlwood interior trimming. No cracks in any of it.

Just a testament to this car being a driver. Owner had to throw a "suicide knob" onto the steering wheel to help out with parking and whatnot. That big wheel is a pain to turn.

Another driver car showed up to the show too - a 300SL roadster. Another all original piece of German steel, complete with rock chips, fuel filler chips, and a few dings and dents. THIS is the kind of car that should mean the most to a collector, not a pristine car that you're terrified to drive on the highway.

The rest are pictures of stuff that stood out to me, there's a lot of pictures I could have taken, but I usually take pictures of stuff I wouldn't mind driving myself. 

Slick rear tires, I wonder why.

Oh. That's why.

I wouldn't mind driving this Studebaker  - though I could do without all the stickers and Mitsubishi and Volkwagen kill stickers (WWII)....

Farewell, sweet red Rosalia.

Just as we were leaving, this R107 drove around. I snapped a quick pic and if it were trees rather than classic cars behind it, it would have looking like a vintage Mercedes brochure picture.

I'm a huge badge nerd. 

So that's all for this time around. The next one I'll head out to will probably be in about two weeks or so. Around the same time as the July 19th Sunday meet up at DiMaggio's. 


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