Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Huge thanks to GTR Garage!

Huge shout out to GTR Garage for bringing some ridiculously rare stuff in for me. Super easy to deal with and if you're around Portland, Oregon or Chicago, IL then you can pick up the stuff you've gotten when it comes off the boat. That, or you can have the stuff shipped directly to your door.

The Datsun's been undergoing a huge transformation from what I've originally wanted it to be. With the 3.1 stroker sitting in it, some Z32 BBK and modified suspension, the stuff GTR Garage brought in for me is really tying in the whole thing. Here's what I got this go around:

OG Cusco S130Z front strut brace, another pair of Stern Schmiede R16-S
and a super rare full aero bumper for S130Z.

I was able to pick up the wheels and bumper about a week ago, but the guys missed the strut bar in the shipment. They let me know as soon as it happened and I told them to just send it over with whatever shipment they're bringing in to Chicago next, no big deal I'll pick it up.

Came back home the other day with pizza and the UPS dude dropped off a weird long package..... the guys sent it straight to my house. STOKED. Threw the stuff on today just to see how it'll look and I'm ridiculously happy with it. Can't wait to get some more S130 stuff and hopefully find another pair of unobtainable Stern center caps (hell, more wheels wouldn't hurt).

Check out GTR Garage's site: http://www.gtr-garage.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GTRGarageJapan


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