Friday, June 5, 2015

W126: The BlackBastard, Brakes

With some more testing and R&D, I'll most likely be offering Wilwood brake conversion kits for the W126 chassis. Hoping to have that launch sometime at the end of this year, beginning of next year.

The 6.0L Widebody SEC was getting a bit of service done today, in fresh calipers, rotors and pads for the front and an overall brake flush.

Open the box from Wilwood and check out how the new caliper and rotor look together. I'm not a fan of the black calipers. There's nothing wrong with how they look, they're just not "the" look.

Here's the new rotor installed on the hub. The rotors are directional, for heat dissipation. 

The old caliper.

Man, I wonder why this brake was squeaking so much. I can't say I'm surprised seeing this as I've seen it on a few heavily tracked cars. Checking the brakes after every race day is a must. This could have been prevented many moons ago.

Here's the new loaded caliper 

All installed.

A view of the passenger side here.

After this set up gets a few miles and panic stops under it's belt, sometime during the Midwest storage season I'll be making these swap kits available for all 4 corners of the W126 chassis. Great upgrade for those with a little extra cash burning a hole in their pocket or those who are looking to take their braking game up a few notches. 


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