Thursday, June 25, 2015

W113: New Life Old Soul, Ch.11.2 Panel Beating

Continuing with the panel beating.

Just to make sure everything squared itself out and how much of the replacement panel I needed to trim, I loosely mounted the radiator and using 3 different tape measures, 2 levels and a square, I got the radiator positioned.

Mounted in such a fashion that both driver and passenger side has an inch worth of easy adjustment. 

The radiator is offset to make room for the air cleaner assembly on the passenger side. Sure made measurements interesting.

Tacked and mostly welded in place.

 Radiators permanently mounted in place via it's mount screws on either side. Slides in and out nicely.

 Replacement panel contours to the frame rail perfectly. Once all trimmed the panel slid in place nicely for welding.

There's some shoddy welding from a previous repair around the passenger side from fender replacement. People who are unfamiliar with the chassis don't know where stuff was mated, so it's been taking some time to straighten everything out and make sure it's structurally safe. I'll be spending some time with that in the next week to make sure everything is safe and cosmetically good.

For now, a shot of the car in it's current state of affairs, not very nice, but it's moving along. I'll be rolling the car outside to give the entire front end and front sub frame a degreasing and strong 4000psi pressure wash. I'm secretly hoping I can strip the remaining undercoating from the engine bay with that pressure washer. 


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