Sunday, June 7, 2015

Using Mercedes HHT to Diagnose OM606 in W210

I've been having a CEL come on every now and again on my 97 E300 #dailydiesel and it's about time to get down to the bottom of it. Using the Mercedes Hand Held Tester (HHT), I found that my EGR valve was binding open and setting off the check engine light. Annoying, to say the least. 

Once I get some free time and can have the car down for a few hours, I will be removing the EGR and letting it soak in Kerosene, brake fluid, carb cleaner, gasoline, or anything that I can use to clean the EGR from its soot bind.

I've found a good use for my GoPro in that I'll be making some small videos in using the HHT to diagnose. That'll happen as the problems happen. At the rate this W210 is going, it's become too reliable (knock on wood).


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