Saturday, June 6, 2015

Supercar Saturday @ The Glen June 6, 2015

Shot over to Supercar Saturdays at The Glen today, spent a few hours there and got a nice brunch with my girlfriend at Eggsperience. You could say it was a good Eggsperience.... Event started at 8am and went on to about 11am, that's all most people could stand. Weather held out nicely and there was a huge variety of cars that showed up. Nothing of mine or anything I work on showed up at the event, sans a really nice 190SL.

Event was hosted by Supercar Saturdays and it was the first time back at The Glen in I guess 5 years or so.

Here's their info if you want to check it out and stay up to date on future events:

This Camaro sounded evil, it was fantastic.

Completely stock Datsun S30. I'm a bit disappointed at how few Datsuns showed up (a whole two), but hopefully I'll be able to get mine out and show these guys how it's done.

Chicago Police showed up too and tried pulling over a few guys.....

Haven't seen a Matrix ever done up like this. Not my cup of tea, but it's definitely one of the cleaner rides.

Something, something, man that color pops.

Poochy looked a little depressed his owner wasn't driving anything cool.

Here's the 190SL that showed up. I didn't catch a word with the owner on it as he was talking with someone else, but it looks like a solid restoration. I found a few things wrong with it, but I'm not going to be the one pointed it out.

Side profile

Went into one of the candy shops my girlfriend pulled me into and came away with some Now and Later style Japanese candies. Got some lemon and strawberry flavored things and they're amazing!

Caught the Camaro taking off. Perfect color for this car. 

Probably one of my favorite colors for a GTR ever.

Mustang clearly bored this guy to death.

That's all I've got for this event. I didn't pull out my camera until after our brunch and by then a lot of the niftier cars had taken off already. A Unimog showed up and their were various other Mercedes, just none that piqued my interests.

I'll post up event info as it happens and another post with any pictures I might have taken while there. Heading out to all these meets gets me a bit excited for the Cars and Coffee Sundays coming up for the rest of the year. 


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