Sunday, June 28, 2015

FuelFed Coffee and Classics 6/28/2015

Was at the Coffee and Classics today in Winnetka, IL to check out a meet that's been happening for a while. First time at this meet and the showing was awesome. A ton of European classics, some vintage bikes and a lot of money sitting around parked on the street. There's only one car that got my attention and it was the least looked at car in the crowd. .

Some details on the event here:

Moral of the story on this one, I'll be returning.

It's a great time to be in the market for these things, because they'll be skyrocketing in value in the next couple years once people figure out what they are. I'm talking about this 1 in 502, 190E 2.5-16 Evolution II. Yes, a genuine, 9,000km, Evo II. The excitement was real.

I took couple in depth shots of the few details that make these cars special and set them apart from the replicas that are roaming around. Small details, but details nonetheless. 

Front aero bumper. The owner had the SLS suspension set to it's highest setting for what I'm sure is driving around town. At it's lowest setting, the front splitter gets fairly close to the ground.

Rear twin tip exhaust, with tip cage to dissipate heat and prevent it from melting the rear apron.

The lower wing overhang is adjustable for varying track conditions.

The upper gurney flap is very adjustable on the EVO II rear wing. From the looks of it, this one has only ever been in two positions, least and maxed. 

Rear window spoiler. This helps push the air a bit farther out from the rear windscreen so the rear spoiler can get a good grab of air.

#104 of 500(2) - super cool to see this

With just about 9,000km traveled, this car had been sitting for a very long time. Owner said it was brought in from Japan. 

Now to some less interesting pictures of stuff that was around. I took a few pictures of the only Pagoda that was at the meet. I took some detailed shots as I was interested in some small details to get the Pagoda I'm currently restoring to A+ shape. 

The 230SL had some oddball chrome screws holding on the front grill. It seems it's missing these nice decorative chrome washers that are countersunk. 

Completely unrelated to Mercedes, one of my favorite instrument clusters at the meet. I'm a huge instrument cluster nerd. 

I wish Volvo still made good looking, soulful cars rather than the shit econoboxes that they've been making for the past 30+ years. This was probably the last COOL car Volvo ever made. 

It's just got the right lines.

That's all folks. Nothing else interesting me too much at the event. Though, there were a ton of rare and expensive cars hanging around, they seemed a bit too common. I'd probably get shot if I told the owners that, but hey, they can afford them, I can't. So I have no room to say anything. 


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