Sunday, June 21, 2015

DiMaggio Cafe Cars and Coffee June 21

The weather today couldn't have been more beautiful. 80 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze - can't ask for better.

Had a really nice showing of cars today and something very special in the form of wideness showed up. Had a really nice showing today and as the weather progressively gets better, the nicer these Sunday morning meet days are getting. As I host them, I'm getting a better idea of how I can make it a greater day for those who come and for the business that let's us set these up.

I wish the color of this car came in the picture, but blame me for standing in a bad spot to get the color to pop out. Next time.

You won't find a lot of Designo Euro Delivery cars driving around in the states. Ken came all the way out from Racine for the meet and it was great to see this car. I'm thrilled to see how nice the interior on these comes together.

Here's a shot of that Euro Delivery badge.

You don't see a lot of these Nautical? Midnight? blue W124's cruising around.

The holy grail car? Yes, that annoying widebody I've been plugging away at has made it's way out of it's metal and concrete home and is roaming around. The more it runs, the better it gets.

Malachite green / parchment E320 coupe with Hella smoked tails and Aero AMG wheels

Group photo.

I have to pay more attention to how I'm taking pictures. What the heck was I doing that this came out this crooked.

Overall, fantastic day. Thanks to DiMaggio cafe for letting us host the meets here and to those that came out, it was great talking!

Next meet is July 19th!


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