Tuesday, May 26, 2015

W126: The BlackBastard, Resurrection Pt.1

A huge lapse in blog updates lately, partly do to being far too busy to get to the computer to write these and having a huge lapse in work on a variety of different cars. That and it was open season for fishing in Northern Wisconsin as of May 2, so most of my time was trying to catch things that swim in their own urine. We'll blame it on the cars though. More so, I'll have a lot more free time after I have the next two weeks out of the way and than progress on both the Pagoda and a friend's not so recent C126 acquisition. A lot of research in both cars was happening in the mean time, only to make life go by easier when it came time to actually get them back into shape. So, with that said, let's get back to business. 

Firstly, everyone is familiar with the Rote Sau. In one way shape or form, if you see a picture of the Rote Sau, you know what that car is all about. Gargantuan tires, piercing thunderous exhaust notes, paint so red you'd think the car was on fire, and tons of stickers to show you the car actually wasn't on fire. Though, it should have been. Satan's chariot is a more appropriate of a name. 

Regardless, this brings us to the newly named, schwarzen bastard. Sometime in late 2014, a friend brought home a very, very rare car. Something so dark and obnoxious that it nearly blends into the crowd to the untrained eye. You won't know what it is until whomever driving happens to open the pipes on a ride that only suicide volunteers should pilot. The bastard brainchild of the lunatics at AMG - the last, true AMG of sorts, their final plot of the ultimate in pavement destruction before the eminent MB acquisition. 

We'll start here: the car originally had 16x9 FR and 16x10 RR pentas from AMG. Unfortunately, the tires that were on said wheels where beyond use and the car had to roll around on a set of 16x8 Pentas. First order of business was to get the correct wheels put on the car with some meat on the tires. 

These are the 16x9's, the 10's are hiding behind these. 

This particular widebody was raced on various SCCA events through the late 90's early 00's. The best upgrade this car got were these Wilwood's on all 4 corners. I'll have some more pictures and details on the brakes soon. Down the road, we'll be making brackets to fit the brakes onto other W126's, all part numbers will be included.

Here she is, pulled out into the light with her new (old) shoes. 

Can see the Wilwoods peeking out from behind the Penta face. When the brake job is complete, these will be slightly facelifted to give them more of a POP. 

That's all for now. More on this car in the coming months. I've found my GoPro camera so I'll be taking videos and all of some restoration procedures of various cars.

Again, sorry for the huge lapse in posting. I'll get back on it.