Saturday, April 18, 2015

W140: A project projected for projected project completion?

While the projects have been running rampant in my neck of the woods, I couldn't pass up another project to add to the "inventory". The new project is of the rod bender variety, which I don't mind. The family here apparently has an affinity in collected all the rod benders that we can. They're nice cars, what I say.

This one is a 92 300SD, covered the distance of roughly 7 times the Earth's circumference, has a tear free original parchment interior and a nice looking champagne (I'll pull the data card eventually) exterior. Passenger fender has a fairly large dent, luckily it's ridiculously easy to pop out and will be as good as new once I'm done.

Has a rough running condition and does so with a misfire and billowing plumes of white smoke. If she won't clear up, she'll be a parts car for the other rod benders and I'll put her out of her misery.

More to come on this brown pile of Mercedes in the near future. Right now, attention is focused on the Pagoda and the DailyDiesel E300 W210. That and open season for Musky fishing in Northern Wisconsin is rearing it's toothy head, so I'll be out there with a line in the water...much to the dismay of the Pagoda's owner.

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  1. I have no doubt that the Pagoda owner will be unhappy as he/she will be reduced to Public Transportation.