Tuesday, April 7, 2015

W113: New Life Old Soul, Ch. 6 Brake Calipers?

Have run into a small issue in regards to the front brake calipers. Can anyone identify these brakes? According to one of the buyers guides books I have, this car should have come equipped with Girling brake calipers, while later cars came with ATE. There are no identifying marks on these calipers (outside of a few numbers) and they don't look like any of the calipers that are available for sale on any Mercedes parts site.

All the caliper pictures I've seen have 2 pistons, where this one has 3. Two small pistons up front near the wheel face and one larger one in the back. Fitment on these calipers is tight, so I'm wondering if they were upgraded at all?

From Michiel on the Pagoda W113 Club on Facebook:
" They are Girling. Original MB part numbers are 0004214898, 0004215498, or 0004212698 for left and 0004212798 for right. They should be the same as on Alfa 2600, Fiat 2300 S Coupe, Fiat Dino 2000 Series 1, Volvo P1800 MK1 and more, which makes it easier to find (affordable) parts." 

Thank you for the info, Michiel!! - Allen

These are the identifying numbers on the calipers. 

Any help is appreciated!


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