Monday, March 30, 2015

W113: New Life Old Soul, Ch. 4 Chilly

I spent today clearing away the passenger side of the engine bay. Low and behold, I found the body vin tag (?) stamped into the passenger frame rail. Always a exciting to see things like this hiding out. I'm going to try and clear out the whole engine bay of anything that isn't original, get it down to the original paint and try to save what's there. If that proves to be too difficult, I'll respray the engine bay.

Passenger side frame rail cleaned out of all the undercoat/paint that was sprayed on. Original paint seems to be in okay shape, albeit a bit darkened over the years. Does anyone have an idea whether or not these exhaust manifolds are original or some sort of aftermarket units? 

I found the driver side data tag buried under 2" of undercoating. This is it after a few minutes with a wire brush. 

Here it is bare and easily legible. Would anyone have a Pagoda code decoder, or can break this down for me for future reference? 

Started alternator removal. It was two 13mm bolts that held it in place to the bracket and the tension adjustment arm.  

Going to use a new ground strap for it. This one has just about had it. 

Power wire to the starter has been played with and looks like a crimp butt connector was used with some new wire. I'm going to rebuild the harness the best I can, because I'd rather not have this car set itself on fire. 

New shot of the passenger side. I removed the entire Frigette AC retrofit and it cleared up TONS of space on the passenger side. Whomever did the install, did it terribly. If it's not the original AC equipment going on the car, then it's not worth doing in my opinion. The retrofit kits are poorly assembled and the installs are scary looking when removed. So if you insist on having AC in a convertible, please take care to who's installing the system. 

Can see the fuse holder on the left side of the picture. They seemed to have taken power from somewhere (probably the ignition switch) under the steering column. There were two holes drilled into the floor for the evaporator drains and some of the standard Mercedes wiring was messed with a bit to install. 
This will all be cleaned up and the holes plugged and sealed permanently. 


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