Saturday, March 28, 2015

W113: New Life Old Soul, Ch. 2 Progress

So here we are, the slow careful process of continuous engine disassembly to get the head off and to the machine shop for refreshing.

Here's a nice picture of the front of the engine with the grotesque AC compressor bracket. 

Look at all the room for activities now that the retrofitted AC compressor is out of the way. It's clearly not a very good conversion set, the heater hose has turned into stone where it was sitting on the compressor. 

A non standard hose from the valve cover breather to where it goes to the throttle body. 

Surprise, surprise, the SAE "heater hose" was slipped over another size of hose to make it seal. Stuff like this irritates the living heck out of me. 

Just like the breather tubes the throttle body portion here has been rusted and in rough shape. I'll try my hand at resurrecting this. 

Started removing the fuel injector lines. A 17mm crowfoot is good for this job. There's a special tool for this, but I've never found it necessary.

Loosened lines at the injection pump, and the line going down under it to the little cold start valve splitter after the fuel filter. 

Close up of the injection pump with lines removed.  

This is the splitter portion for the CSV. 

Check out the "spray" pattern on this injector. That's not exactly spraying a nice fine mist as much as it is POURING fuel into the combustion chamber. You should barely see a mist being popped out of these injectors. 

I'm going to let the injectors sit in kerosene for a week or so, then sit in a bath of brake cleaner afterwards to get any grease or caked on whatever out of the injectors. I'll then bring them to a buddy with an ultrasonic cleaner (I should probably get one for myself) and have them go through that for a few hours. I'll throw them back on my tester and they should hopefully be in good shape! 

This is what I use to pop test and adjust diesel injectors. I use the same apparatus on these MFI injectors. I'd like to think that it works out fairly well! 

Coolant tube

Another SAE hose with the clamps tightened down into oblivion to seal. 


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