Saturday, February 21, 2015

S130: Throttle Cable Install

It's been a while since any Datsun oriented things were posted. I've got to get the car to an event in Southern California around the middle of April, so things have been moving along on the car.

Here's the throttle cable install for the Q45 throttle body and new intake manifold. I used a universal LOKAR throttle cable and a shaved down Volkswagen connection where the actual throttle cable slides into place at the throttle body.

 Here's a general overview and test fit of the cable. A little slack had to be left to give the cable room to move freely. It couldn't be perfectly straight as it would be too tight, nor could it be too long because it would unnecessarily clutter the engine bay. A direct path from accelerator pedal to the mount is what it took.

The stock pedal has a riveted on ball to accept the stock linkages. If you drill out the rivet, you conveniently get the perfect size hole for the clevis pin to slide through for a nice firm fit. The metal rod portion of the pedal has to be shaved down circular to give the clevis a free range of motion while hitting the gas. The firewall piece of the throttle cable had to be trimmed down a bit to get the pedal fully relaxed.

Another view. Everything pretty much lines up perfectly. Just under the cable the pedal has an adjustment. It's as relaxed as I could get before hitting the firewall piece. From here, make sure you have enough room to go full throttle - like really full throttle. The stock pedal has a small stop just under it that I had to cut out of the car to give me enough motion to get full throttle out of my throttle body. I don't have this pictured, but it's unmistakable when you see it. A few minutes with a cut off wheel and you're in business. Have someone hit the gas for you while you adjust the cable at the throttle body.

And an overview of the able all set up. I found two big washers to use on either side of the firewall a the hole was too big for the Lokar stuff to fit through. This way, if I were ever wanted to revert back to the stock linkages, the stock hole is still there. It also works out to center the new cable.


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