Monday, February 23, 2015

S130: Grange Progress

Made some progress on the car today. Had to get the whole subframe out of the car to do the swap to the new one with all the new bushings. Doing general house cleaning on everything under there as well. Throwing a coat of undercoat over it all will keep everything clean and rust free for a while. 

Control arms with the 5 lug conversion hubs. S14 240SX SE rear rotors are directly swappable to the arms. You can use your factory brake calipers with the 5 lug hub system as well. Works out VERY nicely not having to do anything crazy for the rear brakes. Rebuilt calipers and some of the many choices of 240sx brake parts will be put on. 

Old subframe is out:

New subframe to go in:

It has shaved down Z31 subframe bushings. They'll stiffen up the chassis quite a bit over the terrible stock flimsy mounts. All the rear mounts are prothane.  The rear diff mount on the R200 diff is also reinforced with polyurethane. Overall, should be a fantastic ride. 

I also took the time to get my Walbro fuel pump prepped to install. Will be great to have it provide all the fuel the car would need under boost. 

Got my VMS vacuum manifold today as well. This is what's going to tie into my brake booster vacuum line and split off any vacuum that I need for the car (HVAC, boost gauge, fuel pressure regulator, etc). 


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