Friday, February 6, 2015

M104: Gasket Replacement P.7

All the smog equipment removed, so to plug the hole in the head Mercedes has...a plug. Tapped it in and apart from a gasket outline, it's as if nothing was ever there. 

Block drain was completely stripped out and clogged so it wouldn't drain. Picked out what I could of the remaining threads, tapped it, threaded in a brand new block drain with a helping of antisieze so it wouldn't happen again. Flaking block paint was chipped away when I knew none could get into the engine. 

And that's it! Viola!! Not exactly the best at taking pics and describing how-to's, but the pics were nice to come back to too see what's been done with this engine. It went from a dirty, oily, oil/coolant mixing mess to this: 

If say this engine is something to be proud of, that's for sure. Initial start up was sketchy, had little compression and ran poorly until the lifters built up oil pressure. Also had a few leaks (oil and fuel) that I tidied up while the engine was running. Glad to say, the only leak this engine has now is from the damn oil cap on the valve cover. The new powdercoating is too slick. 

Engine has to get to operating temperature without the reservoir cap in place! Engine has to reach operating temperature and then cooled down for the new headgasket to be completely water tight. It must not build pressure!! After the engines been cooled down, you can tighten the reservoir cap and be on your merry way in terms of a presurized cooling system. 

All's well, we'll see how she does the more it's driven. 


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