Saturday, January 31, 2015

M104: Gasket Replacement P.6

Prepare for many photos of progress on this M104 headgasket job

While not related, the trans cooler lines on the car were full of oil and generally just ready to go. So they're replaced with new Contitech lines from AutohausAZ.

They sure look good compared to the old, most likely original, lines that were on the car.

Got the radiator and shrouds back in, along with all the coolant hoses throughout the engine bay.

The car has the air pump removed and the associated vacuum lines removed as well. All the red marks I made are of parts that have been removed or blocked off. Blue are vacuum lines that are present in the engine bay and functioning.

Installed the EGR vacuum pipe onto the valve cover with new silicone vacuum hose routed to it.

Close up of the freshly cleaned pipe.

The wiring harness had a few broken connectors near the EGR/Air pump switchover valve.

So the plugs have been replaced.

Wiring harness installed

Slowly looking like a complete engine!


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