Sunday, January 25, 2015

M104: Gasket Replacement P.4

Lower to upper intake connecting boots. 

Test fit the headgasket to make sure it doesn't have some sort of defect.

 Test fitting after installing the oil/PCV system underneath.

Close up with copper exhaust manifold nuts

Intake side

 New crankcase breather gaskets for the crossover tube.

Fitted the new hoses here with the clamps in similar orientation. They were facing all sorts of directions and it was pissing me off royally to loosen them.

EGR tube clogged up

Cleared out

A close up of the exhaust manifold side.

Intake boots installed and everything cleaned up. New vacuum fittings installed as well as some were cracking. The vacuum system on this car will be in tip top shape for many many years to come. This engine should outlast the rest of the car.


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