Wednesday, January 21, 2015

M104: Gasket Replacement P.2

Was on a nice trip to Southern Florida in the passed week, so I've resumed work on the M104 headgasket. Head is about ready to come off, I'm only waiting for my new Snap On triple square bits to come in since I regretfully loaned out my Hazet tool. 

Anyway, pics:

I'm going to be pulling the lower cover today as well once I put my flywheel lock tool in place. Engine is getting a full reseal along with new timing guides/chain with the headgasket. This thing won't need to be opened up for a long time.

You can see a bit of the sludge that's collected in the recesses of bolt heads. This head HAS been off once before and shows signs of being cleaned and skimmed. I'm going to have to put this sludge down as infrequent oil changes.

I cleaned some of the sludge out of the headbolt. There was quite a bit of it. I'm going to clean up the head as much as I can and run some trans fluid through the engine once all is buttoned up and I'm done running the break in oil. Should help clean out the crankcase a bit. I'll make sure the owner is more frequent on their oil changing and using a higher quality oil.

 Everything on the upper timing cover here was caked in oil and an overdose of RTV. A razor blade, wire brush and brake cleaner made short work of the grime.

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