Monday, December 8, 2014

W210: Why you should change your Cabin air filters

If there's anything to give you reason to change your cabin air filters, it should be this alone.

This is apparently the original cabin filter in this car because nobody cared for the air quality that was coming through the vents of their HVAC system. This isn't exactly an extreme case either, this car was relatively well maintained initially, but was just owned by a veggie oil burning yuppie that probably didn't realize this existed. 

The filters I got were the Bosch #P3651WS - they come in a package with both filters. 

Contents of the package:

There are a bunch of write ups and videos on glove box removal to do this job. It's very straight forward and shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes to complete the whole job. All you need is a small Philips screwdriver and a body trim removal/spatula type tool.

There are two Philips screws at the very top left and right positions (the ones under are door adjustment bumpers), two underneath two rubber plugs on the bottom, and two more on either side of the box light. 

Rubber plug literally lifts right out to expose the screws. 

You'll be greeted with this. The white tab I'm touching slides upwards to unlock the door that houses the cabin filters. 

This is what I was met with. Gross. Before you remove the filters, take a shop vac to vacuum out as much of the loose debris as you can. It's really annoying to have all this stuff fall down to the bottom of the dash or into the car. 

 Comparison of the new and old. It's pretty gross if you ask me. Not only am I not getting super fresh air into the cabin, I'm getting a dark and musty smell with it as well. These filters are supposed to be white, not black and full of garbage. 

It's a good time to get in here and spray some disinfectant, febreeze or something else that smells good. Vacuum it out of any debris that might have fallen as well.

Slide your new filters in.

Lock everything back up

Re-install your glove box.

Turn on the AC or heater and smell the fresh febreeze come out of your vents. Consider it a job well done, you'll have fresher air in the cabin, you'll live longer, your car will smell nicer and you've earned yourself a beer. 


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