Sunday, December 7, 2014

W210: "Sport" Steering Wheel

 In an effort to improve the interior of my E300D and make it more suitable to myself, I took a slightly more "OEM +" approach. Mercedes never included any interior modifications to the W210 chassis for their "Sport" optioned cars. Other than bumpers and some slick open 5 spoke wheels, you would maybe get a "Sport" shift knob.

Anyway, the stock steering wheel in my E300D has a seam split in the 9 o'clock position and some worn spots along the top of the wheel. Overall just an unpleasant experience holding this wheel. It's also softly padded, which I find a bit annoying.

So a 10mm hex socket, a torx bit and 20 minutes of my time to swap steering wheels net me this result. 

It's an actual factory "Sport" steering wheel from a similarly year'd W202. Mercedes actually went through the effort to do some interior modification to the W202s ("carbon fiber trim", sport shift knob and steering wheel). This is actually the same steering wheel as found on the early W201/W124 "Sportline" cars, with different clock spring and such.

So naturally, got rid of my old junk off-colored wheel and replaced it with this "Sport" wheel. Much happier with the interior now.


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