Thursday, December 4, 2014

W210: Rear View Mirror

 In an effort to make everything perfectly functional in this monster, had to start with the most used and most annoying to have flopping about....rear view mirror. 

As you can see, the stock one is well worn and destroyed. 

To remove, simply grab by the base and pull down firmly. It's that small spring loaded pin thing that holds it in place. 

While my new mirror doesn't have auto dim, I can live with out it. The new mirror plugs in and has to be firmly pushed into place. I'll usually pin one pin in and hulk the thing in. Snaps in place. 
Here's the new mirror. I got a black one to as a little contrast. Since the pillar trims and dash are black and partly black I figured a black mirror would look nice. 

It does. 


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