Tuesday, December 9, 2014

W210: Plastic Fuel Line Replacement

 So I had to get going on the fuel line replacement in this E300 as the feed line was bubbling. That's usually a sign of poor O-rings somewhere in the system, a clogged in-tank screen, or some other sealing issue in the fuel system. Luckily for me, my in-tank screen is fine (the veggie system on this car was isolated from the tank thankfully). The bubbling was giving me no power at highway speeds (fuel filters were filling with air rather than fuel) and was giving me a stall condition after a few minutes of running for the same issue. Usually all met with a random misfire here and there from a fuel injector not getting enough pressure and/or not spraying in enough fuel into the cylinder.

Replacing the lines requires removal of the intake manifold, it's 20 minutes to do, not a huge deal. From there, the lines are all right in front of you. If they haven't been messed with by someone with shoddy repair (like mine have) then you should have no problem feeding and snapping in the fuel lines. Otherwise, it's a bit of a guessing game as to which line goes where. Look at a few pictures on google to give you an idea where everything might be and go in for the kill. This gives you a great opportunity to clean everything up under the intake manifold, replace the main feed and return line, replace vacuum lines to the intake flaps, and overall do a general cleaning under there. My bay was a mess from what I KNOW was a bunch of leaking veggie oil. This engine is CAKED with the stuff. It's nice rust prevention, but damn does it suck to take off. Directly spraying with a pressure washer doesn't even touch it. Simple green and a bit of agitation with a brush does the trick though. It'll be a LONG time before this engine is clean. lol

Here's a small video I took with my potato phone - I'm hoping it comes out okay.

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