Thursday, December 18, 2014

W210: Hella Xenon Headlights

I scored huge today and got a pair of Hella xenon headlights complete with bulbs, ballasts and all. SUPER thrilled to have gotten them.

Totally a crappy picture, but that was the only way my potato phone could capture the light difference between the factory hella xenon and the factory halogens. After installing the xenon's, I will never own another W210 with halogen lights. The quality is just absolutely terrible. The xenons have a really sharp cut off and the beam of light is superior.

Blue garbage can has the xenon light showing up against it. Just a vastly superior light all the way around. Brightness, beam spread, beam cut off - everything is 10 fold better than the factory halogens.

If I do find myself in another W210, this is absolutely THE greatest plug and play mod that you can do to your factory car. They are pricey, but they are TOTALLY worth it. Completely plug and play. There is no modification to the harness or to the car at all. 

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  1. Hey Allen:

    Nice upgrade ! I just did a similar one to my e320 wagon. FYI here is a link to the thread on the forum:

    They also have HID - SDX 35w installed.

    I totally agree with your conclusions stated above. No comparison to stock halogens - ditch them.

    I also left you a comment under your Datsun parts post.

    Best Regards,

    David in East Texas
    aka "2000 E 320 White Wagon" on Benzworld forums.