Monday, December 15, 2014

W210: Bad Wheel Bearing

Front passenger wheel bearing on the ole E300D was howling so I know for sure I had to replace it. No amount of repacking with grease was going to save it. While it didn't have a TON of looseness, there was still some there for concern.  Ordered a FAG bearing from Pelican Parts with the Febi-Bilstein Mercedes super lime green wheel bearing grease. The FAG kit comes with all new hardware for your brake rotor, brake caliper, and all you need for your hub. Took about 5 days for the parts to get to me, so I didn't drive the car in that time.

You can hear how poor this wheel bearing is just by spinning the hub. It should NOT be humming like it is. During a drive, this humming was pretty loud in the cabin. It should be relatively quiet. No oddball noises should be present and it should spin relatively freely with only the grease providing resistance.
There are plenty write ups on replacement all over the internet, the biggest key is making sure you pack the hell out of the bearings with grease. Get grease into every nook and cranny on the bearing and do it twice for good measure. Premature bearing failure is because of a lack of grease. 


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