Tuesday, December 23, 2014

PreviousOwner: Oil Filter

I can't entirely fault the owner for this one, car is very well maintained and only original Mercedes parts are used throughout. However, it was put away for about a year and a half without use because of a random overheating that was attributed to stuck thermostat.

I got the car in, got it to operating temperature and attacked everything related to oil, cooling and power steering. All the fluids are new, all the filters are new and she's ready to purr for a while.

This small milky spot on the oil filter cap is what I usually find when I get a car that gets driven short distances and shut down without letting everything get up to operating temperature. Condensation in the oil, yada yada you get this. Happens ALL the time in the later model M112 engines. Nothing to worry about. If the oil coming out into the drain pan is milky like this - you've got problems.


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