Wednesday, December 10, 2014

OM617 / OM616: Gear Reduction Starter

Many early diesel cars came with very slow cranking starters. Slow cranking through the cold winter months make starting these older diesel engines nearly impossible, even with glow systems functioning perfectly.

Here's some info I've used in buying gear reduction starters for these older cars. In many cases, for MUCH less than you would be able to buy factory type parts. These particular starters are the same starters used in many Audi, Fiat, Volvo and VW diesels. While some others are used in Bobcat Skid Steers.

1978 - 1985 OM617.360
1978 - 1985 OM616
(Only for 240D, 300D, 300TD)

Part #'s:
LESTER - 17042
AS - S0047
VALEO - 436043

M12x1.75  Threaded mounting
Pinion - 85mm
Cone is reversed specifically for OM616/OM617 mounting

Most starters can be brought in from overseas. There are few vendors in the US that provide these, but they turn over the OM616 and OM617 like they were low compression gasser engines. They make tremendous differences in cold weather cranking. So if you have a cranky engine in the cold weather, get them crankier!


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