Friday, November 21, 2014

W210: Those terrifying OM606 glow plugs

This project I picked up had all of the glow plugs dead. Actually getting to the plugs is the easy part, all the difficulty lies strictly in their removal. If you do it wrong, you break off the plug body in the head and you're stuck either removing the head to drill, or figuring out how to drill the plugs out with everything in the car.

There IS a trick to it all. The engine should be very warm or as hot as you can get it to allow you to still touch it. Take the thing out onto the highway for a good HOT run and bring it back to do the job.

I didn't do that as the car didn't run and wouldn't shift because of a trans plate issue, but I DID plug the block heater in for 2 hours before attempting this. It did a good  enough job that I was able to yank the plugs without any trouble. I used a 3/8" impact to break them all loose, I figured the hammering from the impact would break all the carbon holding the plugs loose.

Either way, they're out. Success.


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