Friday, November 28, 2014

W210: Shifts nice, runs nice, but those damn air bubbles

Got the car back from my buddy and there were a ton of codes running through the cars computers. Most not vital to the cars operation, some yes, most no.

Here's the list of codes I got before he cleared and relearned the TCM:

055 Gear Compar Nega-Target Not attained
065 Control Module - N15/3
104 Reverse Gear/Park Lock Solenoid - Y66/1
114 Selector Lever Implausible
120 Right Front Vehicle Speed Sensor From ECM Implausible, CAN
132 ECM CAN Communication Or ECT Implausible
133 All CAN Communication Faulty
134 CAN Communication Disturbed Traction System
135 CAN Communication Disturbed Engine Management
136 Instrument Cluster
147 Gear Implausible on Trans - Slipping
151 Gear Not Attained
161 Control Module N15/3

So far 150 miles of driving and all is well with the transmission. New conductor plate seems to have solved the issues. I'm sure 234k mile trans fluid was partly responsible for clogging up or blocking some of the electric contacts throughout the transmission. New filter and fluid seems to be doing this trans well. I'll be flushing the trans system again come springtime, hopefully the fluid in there now is carrying any debris into the filter.

We'll see.


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