Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Datsun Progress

Progress is always nice. Intake is set in place, bought a Q45 throttle body for it that wasn't ridiculously overpriced, figured out an oil cooler system for the car that doesn't involve the dorky factory cooler, figured an intercooler I had hanging around was the perfect size for a responsive set up and placement is decent enough for me to run minimal piping. All seems to be coming along. I'm looking for some cool looking aluminum overflow, radiator and fitting silicone rad hoses. The factory ones are a bit too stiff and I've always had issues with them leaking around my water temp sender. 

Also did a lot of work to the rear suspension. Essentially restored the entire rear. New bushings, everything was also stripped down and POR 15'd, new wheel bearings to go with the whole Z31 5 lug swap.


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