Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Camber Arm Install Pics

Not sure I ever posted the installed pics of the camber arms, but I had the rear wheels off a couple days ago and reminded myself that I had them on there. 

So the factory camber arm has a sort of bow shape to it to avoid hitting the sway bar. It's a fairly large piece of stamped steel, so the bow was necessary. 

Here you can see the bow shaped camber arm and the one that I put together. It's much smaller, much lighter, equally as strong and gives me all the adjustment I could ever want out of my rear camber. 

Close up of the rod ends

Installed. While it does look a tad close to the sway bar here, it doesn't touch it and has nearly the same distance as the stock camber arm. This is with the suspension at full droop - the arm/swaybar space will get bigger when there is load on the suspension.


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