Monday, August 18, 2014

W124 Zender Spoiler

Picked this up on the local craigslist. SUPER rare to find these spoilers and apparently, super rare to find the damn clips that hold them to the trunk.

W124 Accessory Trunk Light Switch Mod

Haven't posted a cool accessory here for a while now, so here we go! 

I've spend time at junkyards every so often and I'll always play around with parts from other models to see what can work with my little W124's. Anything to make it just a bit different from another is what I'm after and recently I came across a nifty PLUG AND PLAY mod that anyone and everyone can do to their W124's. 

If you've noticed, if you have your trunk open, you'll have the trunk light on. If you leave it open for an extended period of time, you'll start to drain the battery. Well, with the W202's and W210's, Mercedes figured they'll introduce a nifty little trunk switch that you can pull slightly to deactivate the trunk light while you're bringing in groceries or stuffing a dead body into the trunk. So we have the following switch available (right)

MB Part# 2018202110

Should be under $4 at your local Mercedes dealership.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Camber Arm Install Pics

Not sure I ever posted the installed pics of the camber arms, but I had the rear wheels off a couple days ago and reminded myself that I had them on there. 

So the factory camber arm has a sort of bow shape to it to avoid hitting the sway bar. It's a fairly large piece of stamped steel, so the bow was necessary. 

Here you can see the bow shaped camber arm and the one that I put together. It's much smaller, much lighter, equally as strong and gives me all the adjustment I could ever want out of my rear camber. 

Close up of the rod ends

Installed. While it does look a tad close to the sway bar here, it doesn't touch it and has nearly the same distance as the stock camber arm. This is with the suspension at full droop - the arm/swaybar space will get bigger when there is load on the suspension.

Monday, August 4, 2014

D1MC: Muchachos in Morocco 8/3/14 and World Record Burnout Attempt

Had a ton of fun this weekend with the car, it gave me no trouble and ran pretty well. Coilovers kept the car stable the whole time and the wheel/tire packages I came up with seem to be doing the car favors. Tire wear in drifting (and burnout) is nearly perfect and dead center, just need to finally get the alignment dialed in and she'll be peachy. 

Overall, the day was a blast and car stayed together for me!