Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Project 42: Axle Boot Replacement

Had the inner boot split on the passenger side sometime during the last drift day and I had temporarily thrown some duct tape over it to keep contaminants out and the grease from flying everywhere. Bought Febi-Bilstein replacement boots from AutohausAZ. Got them in the other day and decided to have at it.

The inner boot kit comes with replacement hardware - I opted to use it (external torx), because the factory triple square bolts are a pain in the ass and strip easily (even with my Snap On triple square key). Both outer and inner boot kits came with replacement grease, awesome.

I didn't take any pictures of disassembly, however, the inner side has a metal cover you can lightly tap off to expose a snap ring. remove the snap ring and you can slowly pop off the inner CV joint. Clean out all the grease from the bearings/races with mineral spirits and a fine brush. If you manage to pop the ball bearings out of their races, I wish you the best of luck with getting them back in - it was a pain.

This is the inner spline portion of the axle where you take the CV joint off .

Fast forward a bit, here's the outer boot installed with fresh grease and correct clamps.

This is what you'll be pulling off on the inner side - this is a before cleaning shot. I pulled mine completely apart to check the races for burning. They were fine and shockingly had no damage or visible wear!

Small C clip you'll be pulling off - pardon the dirt. I didn't reuse this snap ring as the inner boot kit came with replacement hardware.

Axle all back together. Cleaned up, rebooted and ready to serve.


The job is easy. You can do it with basic hand tools.

Need a 30mm 12pt socket for the axle nut, a 10mm triple square bit, a small screwdriver, hammer, utility knife (to cut away old boot), small dremel (cut into the old clamp), and the crimp tool for new clamps.

Job took about 45 mins. 


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