Friday, March 21, 2014

Project 42: Rear Leather Seats - Facelift

The 1st GEN leathers in the car were absolutely beat to hell, I couldn't stand looking at them and I couldn't stand someone sitting in them. They were torn, hard, cracked and overall gross, so I tossed 'em.

Found a MINT set of rear 2nd GEN facelift leathers and had to grab them. Leather is so supple and soft, came out of what seemed to be a very well taken care of car. Shame to have seen it at the junkyard, but while one gives its life, a breathe of fresh air is given to another.

You can see how beat these were, just gross.

AAANNNDDD we're golden. Now the passengers that I never have will be comfortable! Atleast the car looks somewhat presentable in the rear now.


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