Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Project 42: I have a woody

From the get go, the car's interior was gross. Baking in the California and Arizona sun for nearly two decades did the interior a number. Leather is cracked, vinyl is cracked, wood trim is faded and cracked, and everything else that could have been affected by the sun, was.

So I have to start from scratch with the entire interior, I definitely have my work cut out for me. The whole thing has to come together and has to look presentable, be comfortable and perform when called upon.

With that, I started with the steering wheel. I tossed the old 400mm factory ship wheel and replaced it with a period (1985) Racing Dynamics by Momo 350mm wheel with Momo hub. I'm looking for a period horn button or Mercedes button for it to tie it all together. Drove the car a bit and the gripping is much better, the car "feels" more responsive and feels much more agile. The loss of 2" in steering wheel girth did me a favor too! My 6'3" frame can get into the car much easier.

Turned my attention to the center climate control and ashtray wood pieces. 

 The old piece that was in the car is on the bottom, new polished and non faded piece is on top. You can see how burnt up the interior was just by looking at that climate control piece.

With some poor lighting, you can see the difference between the faded/cracking pieces and the non faded/updated pieces. The ashtray is updated to the late model 92+ push style rather than the pull style of the earlier models. Nice little update to the interior. I'm keeping the old Alpine headunit in there, I just need to replace the face plate as the LCD's seem to be burned out.

I need to find a nice crack free shifter console now to complete the set and then set everything off with a snazzy shift boot and weighted shift knob. Excite!


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