Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Project 42: Bride Brix I Installed

Had some time to burn today so I installed one of my Bride Brix I's into the car. Used the factory sliders (forward/backward, and up/down) so I can still use the switches on the doors. Reclining is done on the seat itself.

Some 1/4" flat stock, a couple holes and the seat is in. I think I saved close to 30lbs by removing the factory seats. Not only the weight savings, the factory seats in this car were trashed, torn, splitting and the horsehair padding was shedding. Not a pretty sight.

You can see the Racing Dynamics steering wheel that's installed. I think I lost about 4" of total height in the seat base, so it sits very low. Which makes it great for me being so tall, heel toe hero to the max. I also retained the factory seat belt, it's comfortable and I don't need harnesses so we're good to go. Just need to clean the fabric on the seat and add some additional foam underneath and we're good to go!

Next up: Passenger side


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